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Nice to meet you, I am MagicWand.

I have been working as a professional exorcist since 2012 after training in Japanese style for the past 30 years. This site wants to save many people who are actually suffering from devil attacks.

From the beginning of this century, I feel that many of the previously hidden demons have appeared on the surface of the earth and are now attacking many people.

Like the world of the famous movie “Exorcist”, the Devil is very strong, clever and pokes our weaknesses.

The devils will surely enter our bodies while hiding their presence, camouflage as if we thought of ourselves, let us think, and gradually build up their power.

For this reason, They maybe are in possession you when you noticed them.

Typical symptoms when the devil enters the body is..

・You think of bad things that you don’t usually think about.
・You feel like someone is always looking at you next to you.
・You feel occasional pain with like give screw turns from your rib to inside.
・The colored part of the eye is spreading greatly.

Typical symptoms when the devil comes out on the surface

・Losing consciousness and moving the body without your intention
・Speak unknown words without your intention
・Peel white eyes
・Tongue moves like a snake or reptile
・Saliva comes out
・Superhuman power comes out


If you are aware of the above symptoms, we encourage you to join our member salon immediately.

Exorcism has been practiced not only in Christianity but also in various countries and regions of the world since ancient times.
But there’s great shortage of exorcist at the present day.

In Japan, various spiritual beings have been excluded by the “Harai” of ancient Shinto and Shugendo.
Originally “Harai” has two meanings. One is “Harai” to eliminate devils, etc.The other is “Harai” as a cleansing to wash away the sins and dirt that we have committed.

Of course, in order to eliminate the devil, we will borrow the power of God.

To do more efficiently,Before we start the exorcism,The following methods are used to exert strong pressure on spiritual beings:

Caution! 】

The next video will be a strong pressure on your inside something. Devils may appear on your surface.

If you have the following symptoms while watching the video,We encourage you to participate in our member salon.

・There is a feeling of pressure on the chest.
・become feel sick.
・Something comes up from the throat
・lose consciousness
・Something moves your body etc…

[Reading notice] This is a video test.
① Please do not watch if you are driving
② Please do not watch if you are eating
③ Please do not look if you are in poor health
 Please relax and have a look.

We are not responsible for the disadvantages you suffer from viewing this video.